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Ian Kelvin Cook
Living with Linda in Poynton, Cheshire.

Ian Cook has spent the last 3 years undergoing a life style change.

Having spent 3 years building a successful gardening business and becoming a "Gardener to the Stars" aroung the villages of Cheshire. This business has been sold and I have returned full time to the offices to get fully involved in the Mailing Lists and Direct Mailing Fulfillment businesses.

121 Direct Mail offers a complete Direct Mail service encompassing Data Processing & Management, A4 Laser Printing & Inkjetting, Envelope Supply & Overprinting, Hand & Machine enclosure, polybagging and polywrapping facilities. We basically "Stuff envelopes" but many thousands a week!


Our strength lies in providing both direct clients and agencies a reliable, professional and quality enriched service. At 121 Direct Mail, we believe that the key to high quality zero-defect service is good teamwork. By working as a team, wasting time, money and resources are cut to a minimum. This helps 121 Direct Mail create the high quality service our customers deserve time and time again.

 Knowing every client is different means there should be no such thing as a standard “off the shelf” solution. That’s why we consult with you to ensure we know your exact requirements to tailor our systems to your exact business needs.

By listening, we always make sure you receive unrivalled service and fulfilment for your campaigns. We hope to continue to improve our services, giving our clients the edge in the marketplace.

This company is run buy my wife Linda Cook


Mailing Lists UK provides high quality direct marketing data, and is able to deliver the most accurate postal and email lists for both business and a consumer target markets within the UK.
We are totally independent, enabling us to consider ALL the relevant data and list builder companies.

 Achieve your goal

It is important for us to understand your product or service and what it is you are trying to achieve and we offer an efficient, reliable and friendly service. This enables us to respond quickly and professionally to all data enquires and orders.

Targeted Lists

We fine-tune all selections precisely to match your criteria and we guarantee accuracy of the data we supply. This ensures that any wastage is kept to a minimum, thereby saving you money not just on the direct mailing list but also on your printing and postage.

Why use Mailing Lists UK

As a List broker we offer several advantages over purchasing lists direct. Mailing Lists UK believe that one has to go beyond a data card to present the most intelligent list recommendations. 

  • We work for you on a 1-2-1 basis rather than for the listowner. You can trust us to help you find exactly what you need from various lists, rather than trying to push you towards the list that pays their bills. 
  • You need only come to one source to get the most accurate counts, pricing and availability. We can save you a lot of time weeding through all the possible avenues. 
  • Almost all of our income is derived from commissions from the List Owner. We offer the most competitive rates aligning with all major list owners and compilers. 

What are our aims? 

Our aims are simple, to provide you with a high quality service, encompassing clear and open communication with a no-nonsense approach. Most importantly we aim to provide a high quality accurate business list or consumer list for your company. 

Contact us now for your free mailing list quotation or telephone 0161 406 5982 for any further information. 

So, if you want genuine impartial advice about direct marketing data and mailing lists, contact Mailing Lists UK now!

 This company is owned By Ian Cook

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